Renting Guide

Renting with BRES is easy and free. We find your ideal rental and handle all the details, so you don’t have to worry about it.

All of our agents are local to Fort Worth and know the market inside and out.

Your BRES agent is available to do whatever you need us to do. Contact us for a free consultation to see if we can help you.

Tell us what your requirements are such as price, move in date, number of rooms, pet policy, and desired features.

Once you’ve figured out your budget and desired move in date, we immediately start searching for rentals that fit your criteria. The rental market moves fast, so it is important to be prepared to submit application as soon as you find a property that interests you. With that being said, you need to prepare income statements, bank statements, and pre-fill in your personal details on your application. Landlords usually use a form prepared by either the Texas Apartment Association or the Texas Association of Realtors, ask your Realtor which one to use. Timing is important when looking for rentals. Landlords usually will not hold a property for more than 30 days and Apartment complexes will not know exact availability until 60 days out, so it’s a good idea to start seriously searching and viewing rentals ~45 days before your desired move in date. Be aware of any application fees when submitting an application, because they are typically non-refundable. If your parent or guardian is paying your rent, they will sign a guarantor form and also typically pay an application fee or guarantor fee. Applications will be reviewed by the owner and there is no set deadline for them to respond, so it is also important to ask when to expect an answer before you submit an application. You’ll be notified of your acceptance, assuming your application is filled completely along with the necessary paperwork and fees in a timely manner

After you sign the property manager will prepare a lease for you to sign.

You’ll want to read through it thoroughly, so you understand the terms of the lease. Your BRES agent will be available to read through it with you and answer any questions you may have. An initial payment and security deposit will be due at lease signing, and both are typically equal to the amount of monthly rent. The property owner will need a few days to prepare the property for you, and you should use this time to set up utilities because it might take a few days for the accounts to be transferred from the property owner to you. You’ll need to arrange a time and place to pick up the keys from the landlord on the day of move in. Before you start moving in furniture, note any damages on a property inventory sheet. Even the smallest flaws should be included so the property owner does not blame you for them later on, like when you are trying to get your security deposit back after the lease. It is wise but not always required to get renters insurance, because your landlords homeowners’ insurance does not cover the tenant’s possessions. Finally, make sure you know how and when to pay utility bills and rent. Now you can enjoy your new place to live and call home!