Listing Process

Are you considering selling a home? Here’s how we can help.

First reach out to us with the address and information on why you want to sell.

We’ll schedule a time for us to either talk on the phone or in person about the condition of your property.

BRES then runs a comparative market analysis to give you an idea of what your home can sell for based on what other similar homes in the area are selling for.

Everyone does a CMA a little different, but our basic process is to figure a price per square foot based on the most similar properties and multiply by your properties square footage to calculate an approximate value of your home. The CMA will also help you determine whether it would be beneficial to do some pre-sale improvements in order to increase the value. All of this is done prior to signing a listing agreement to make sure you feel comfortable working with us.

If you are ready to move forward, we will draft a listing agreement for 4-6 months.

You can find and review a blank listing agreement here so you can familiarize yourself with the contract form that we will use. You will also fill out a seller’s disclosure, in which you describe the features of the property and disclose any relevant facts. Make sure you only fill out what you know for certain, when in doubt mark “unknown”. If you aren’t sure if a fact is relevant, disclose it anyway to protect yourself. Before you sign the agreement make sure your house has been thoroughly cleaned and ready for visitors. Once we have signed a listing agreement, BRES will schedule a photographer to get listing photos and start creating the listing. BRES will begin to market your property using a mix of social media, digital ads, print ads, etc. We will host an open house within 1 week of listing and hold subsequent open houses each month of the listing period.

We will keep you updated on any showings and relevant feedback.

It is a good idea to leave whenever a showing is scheduled so they buyers have the privacy they need to make a decision. Any time we receive an offer, we will immediately plan a time for us to discuss whether to accept, decline, or counter. Your BRES agent is trained and prepared to get you the best offer possible. After you’ve signed an offer, your BRES agent will coordinate with the other parties to schedule an inspection, survey, and lender appraisal. If the buyer requests certain repairs, you will amend the contract to state to promise to complete repairs or lower the price to account for the repair costs.

Once the repair amendment is signed, we will help you schedule any repairs.

All you need to worry about after that is making sure there is still access to the property for the lender’s appraiser and for the buyer to conduct their final walkthrough before closing. Your BRES agent will diligently follow up with the title company and buyer to make sure they are ready to close on the date specified in the contract. Closing will be scheduled only after every detail is confirmed by the title company. Before closing review, the HUD closing statement which will show which costs you are paying for. Closing costs cannot be renegotiated at this point, but you do need to make sure it is written correctly.